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the feeling of when a random person walking behind you steps on the heel of your shoe--it will or it has happened to everyone, painful, annoying, aggravating, and unknowing--people have this feeling right someone steps on their shoe or their actual heel, it unknowing with and without the person apologizing, it could happen in a hallway, in a crowded place, or on purpose by a friend or family member, the feeling is not usually pleasant to most people especially those who wear expensive shoes all the time, it makes a person weak at that point in time--the term originated from the achilles heel and pain, achilles heel (from the early 19th century) to show the weakness and vulnerability when someone steps on the heel of a shoe, pain (the origin is from the latin word ‘poena’ then ‘peine’ from old french ) to show that this feeling could possibly come with suffering or agony.
I'm always having an achilgony feeling in the hallway since that day when someone stepped on the heel of my shoe.
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by U©H3 October 03, 2017
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