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A portmanteau of the terms Achele and choreography, in which Achele refers to the sexually charged relationship between two of the stars of Glee, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele. Acheleography has been defined by trained experts in the field at The L Boards as "where the arts of dancing and foreplay come together as one". This has been particularly demonstrated throughout the current Glee Live Tour, in which the official choreography of Zack Woodlee has been given it's own glavor (gay flavor) by the sexy duo.
Example 1:

"OMFG, check out Lea performing armsex on Dianna in the Bad Romance Clip! Is that part of the choreography?"

"No, are you missing a chromosome? That's Acheleography"

Example 2:

"Dude, did Lea just try to mount Dianna after getting her in a claw-like grip during Don't Stop Believing? I wonder if that's meant to happen."

"Your stupidity makes me Stop Believing in humanity. That's Achelography, you scab-eating mouth breeder."
by Achelian May 22, 2010
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