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1. A reference to male homosex. The idea is that the generally dominant partner in the relationship (the "king") takes a "bow" and let's his favorite subject (the "ace") "rule" him for a time.

2. A reference to male homosexuality where the less-dominant partner in the relationship is allowed to act in a "power role" over the generally more dominant counterpart.

3. The "Ace" assumes the top position, while the "King" assumes the bottom position.

4. Any general reference to a male homosexual relationship or even sexual act where the usually less-dominant partner then "dominates" the generally more-dominant partner.
Whoah... This is an Aces Over Kings party. I didn't bring my whip, heels, or cream. At least I get to be on top for a change.
by Pfold the Sea Hag June 21, 2011
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