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A true god among men. His presence alone is enough to make his enemies bow down in fear, and give his allies the hope to fight for a new day. His dick size rivals the length and girth you see in porn-stars when you go "Monster Cock" on xvideos. Hes rumored to be one of the founding members on the secret society know as "thot patrol" however no evidence has been found to back this up as he seems to be working with some sort of cult at the moment. He is a real niggra, not only stealing from dollar stores but also stealing your memes and your dad (because his left). He blesses the world with his words of wisdom and stories from the old times that have been passed down for multiple generations. He was the first person to truly understand King Crimsons ability. Whilst gaming on his 10k pc, he puts homosexuals and white knights in their place before going home and selling lolis to old Italian men. He exsists in the truemans world and is someone we should all worship and strive to be like.
Example 1
Thot 1: "Oh no, he found us thotting around his base! We gotta run and get outta here!"
Thot 2: "One does not just run away from Ace Sorcerer. Were as good as dead now."
Thot 3: **Dog face filter**

Example 2
Benjamin: " Yo bro, i saw Ace Sorcerer walking down the street today and after stopping and praying that he forgives my wasteyute ways, I made sure to tell him how great he is!"
Lin: Good on you man, make sure that you praise Ace Sorcerer at least once an hour!"

Example 3
Pornstar with 9 incher: "I DONT UNDERSTAND, HOW IS YOUR COCK SO BIG?!"
Ace Sorcerer himself: "Scum like you will never ascend heaven and get dicks this big."
Pornstar with 9 incher: **dies**
by Aloyalfollower March 13, 2018
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