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A condition where a person, who is typically picked on and made fun of, develops a deep crush on the first person who is nice to them. Named after the tendency for beaten dogs to follow around people who feed them. APS is characterized by:

-The writing of long love letters and notes, signing them as "Secret Admirer"
-The following of the nice person around the halls of your school, office building, or any other place where people assemble
-Excessive staring
-Writing the nice person's name over and over and over again
-Awkward smiling
Nice Person: I defended that nerdy girl in front of a couple football guys and now she keeps staring at the back of my head in Math!

Nice Person's friend: I told you not to get involved, now you've got a full-blown case of Abused Puppy Syndrome on your hands.
by hoboace October 05, 2007
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