Being asked to do something at work that is way above and beyond the pittance that you actually get paid. Can also be used in everyday situations when one is asked to do something that will inconvenience their everyday life.
Example 1

Boss: Alice, I need you to give me the calculations on those reports by close of play today!

*Blank stare from Alice*

Boss: Well don't just look at me...get started!

Alice: Dude, I'm just the secretary. Doing detailed reports is way above my paygrade.

*Boss mumbles curses*

Boss: Fine then! I'll get Smithers to do it...

Example 2

Chick 1: So did you hook up with Scotty in the end?

Chick 2: Nah, I found out that he was two-timing me so I bailed out...

Chick 1: That's a shame dude...but why didn't you fight for your man? I would have if it was me...

Chick 2: Sorry but fighting over a loser is way above my paygrade.

Chick 1: True..true...
by lady lynxx April 1, 2009
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