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Abelicious eɪb-ˈlɪʃəs (adv.) - A condition in which a sudden burst of dopamine is triggered by the brain when come in close contact with a person named Abe.

Alternative Definitions:

Abelicious eɪb-ˈlɪʃəs (adj.) - An adjective used to describe the harsh pleasure that compares to a warm gust of wind shaving against your face when a person named Abe ejaculates into another Female being.
2.) An adjective to express the coolness and seductiveness of a person named Abe to the word's fullest potential.

"Oh, shit!!! I feel abelicious and I had an orgasm just from you breathing on me Abe!!!" -Dyrti Bysche

"It's time to get my Abelicious juice in your sac Qwhoe Ellota-Aahs." -Abe

"Abe, you lookin' Abelicious tonight. Leak on me, please" -Gisowe Meh
by bob1805 March 17, 2009
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