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A clothing corporation run by egostical pricks who find pleasure in ripping off the youth of today by selling them clothing for 70$ that is made to look shitty that you could be in tact for 25$ and make it look just as shitty at home. They also find pleasure in ripping young girls off on clothing that is called preppy that costs around 80$ for clothing that is usually about 6 inches long with no skill needed to make that makes them look like complete sluts and be proud of it. they also often say that there fabric is imported, but where is it imported from? I am willing to bet from sweat shops in china run by little 8 year old asian kids.
-LIKE OMG, he totally is like, totally over me, im gonna go buy another, like, pre-ripped 6 inch miniskirt for like 80$ at Abecrombie. Wait, I like totally need to pop my collar first.

by Aaron Davis April 19, 2005
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An elite line of clothing for the sophisticated casual clothes lover. Typically hated and shunned by goths, activists (of any type), geeks, polititians, Christians, and the like. AF models (brand reps) are known for blowing entire paychecks on that day's shipment and then ruining at least one shirt that night from cigarette burns and/or spilled drinks that are most likely not the fault of the wearer but of the incompetent bots around them who can't stick or hold thier liquor right.

Ironically, the hate shown by the abovementioned only causes the popularity and eliteness to be accentuated.
That new Abecrombie & Fitch cashmere cami is so hott.
by _jc_ September 27, 2006
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