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If you’ve ever met Abby Collins before, you know somewhere, somehow you’ve fucked up and you might as well die now.
Abby Collins will chew up your food and spit it in your mouth just so that you won’t starve😤.
She pretends she is happy, but if you stare into her eyes you will see her pain and jealousy of her brother, who arouses her dog.
She looks like your average teenage girl, but once you get to know her, you see the darkness and the pain. She feels like no one with except her for who she really is, a goth.
Guy 1: Dude look at that girl she’s dank!
Guy 2: Dude, that’s Abby Collins.
Guy 1: oh fuck, i didn’t realise
by heckyeahdontouchmyass May 22, 2018
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