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Abbigael is a girl who seems lovely, kind and the best person to have as a friend. But, she is a back-stabber. She talks about others and gives you discomforting signs that make you wonder if YOU did anything wrong. She'll blame others for her mistakes and she'll always replace you with someone else. Stay away from Abbigael.
Person 1: Hey Abbi! Wanna hang out today?
Abbigael: Sure! I love hanging out with you!
Person 1: Cool! See ya!


Abbigael: Ugh. I really don't want to hang out with person 1. She is so ugly and rude. She said you were mean.
Person 2: Omg. I feel bad for you.
by Night_Way December 11, 2018
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Abbigael is the sexiest girl in the world. She really knows how to make you moan. She can touch you so good you shiver. Never let go of an Abbigael.
“Omg I had the best sex last night, she must be an Abbigael”
by Erick is my lover May 12, 2018
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