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Abbee is a beautiful young lady, who knows how to have fun and lights up any room she walks into. She’s an extremely hard worker, anything she sets her mind to she goes after. She’s a loyal friend just like a Golden Retriever. She may seem shy at first but don’t let that deceive you. She loves eating, suntanning, being a goofball and making sure everyone around her is happy.Abbee is a queen so treat her well because she deserves the world. she is everything you could ever hope for and more.
Harry: WOW who’s that girl, the shy one who has dark hair?

Tyler: oh that’s Abbee, I’m going to marry an Abbee one day.
by Candygranger101 June 12, 2018
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Abbee is a unique person with her own personality that is impossible to copy she cannot be duplicated its not hard to make her cry but its not hard to make her laugh shes a good friend amd there when you need her even more at hard times she doesnt like no for an amswer amd loves food but thinks shes fat she always has 1 guy on her mind that she doesnt want to forget she gets overly attached tocthings
by lexilovespizza March 09, 2014
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