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Is a halfer. Usually shy and quiet but once you get past the barrier, you'll find someone who's a complete different person. He's loud, weird, funny, sweet, caring and bubbly. He's someone who will say the corniest/sweetest jokes but will still be somewhat funny. He is also very talented. He sings VERY well... "I LALALALLALALA I DO." He dances well especially when it comes to dougie-ing. Not only that, but he also plays drums and violin. Aaron is very intelligent; usually a straight A student. He's also a great friend; he's good at listening to your problems, he doesn't judge you, he's a great supporter and will always be there for you. Although people talk about him, he is wanted by MANY women. BILLIONS (not literally) of girls want him because he is so cute but the problem is, he doesn't want any of them. If only he gave those girls a chance, they would be able to see how truly sweet and caring he is. But just a warning, Aaron's not funny ;)) jkjkjk
Aaron Collado: "______ you're the cutest girl ever"
by lololollol12342345678 November 16, 2012
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