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A guy that has nice abs, gets the girls, and is really nice as well. He is actually the coolest guy on the planet. He has said lot of smarts and likes turtles, so if you see him, compliment him and give him a turtle with a red baseball cap. He has awesome hair, will grow up to be rich, he's the total best.
Man, look at him getting all the girls and always getting good grades, he is such an Aadhav.
by Mr.IndianBoi101 December 20, 2017
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Someone who purposely game throws in Fortnite and makes the game unenjoyable for everyone.
What a fucking Aadhav. Let's just kick him from the party.
by NETTEN July 06, 2018
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Is he Indian? I don’t think so and you probably don’t either. Aadhav is a guy that will get carried away into the weird parts of his mind pretty much every day. He acts insane sometimes but that’s just because he’s trying to make his friends laugh. A fun guy to be around and an overall handsome appearance make him likable to many. He’s not very good at asking out girls so he will probably he asked my someone he’s not so interested in but accept anyways and not go for the girl he really wants.
Aadhav where are you?
Dude idk
You’re retarded dude
by El Baño April 08, 2019
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