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An imaginary megalopolis comprising of ten cities, the largest one and the geographical middle city being Autumn View~Sol Duc,(1806) thus is the cause for the name of the network of cities. When one is referring to the entire network of cities he/she would use The term " AVSD Net ". The ten cities, located on the entire eastern and part of the southern seabord on the island of Sicily, Italy, are known as (South to North) West Hampton, Dinolvani West, Syracuse, Ridge, Autumn View~Sol Duc, Hazelnut Haven, Cherry Hills, Cedar Crest, Sterling, and Sterling Point. The entire conglomeration of cities, including surrounding suburbs, is home to more than 33 million people, making the AVSD Net the most dense city in the world. Syracuse is the oldest town in the AVSD Net and was founded in 1802. One major highway,the International Sicilian Highway (ISH) connects the ten cities. The reason for the "I" in ISH is because West Hampton and Dinolvani West are technically cities of Italy While the other cities are a territory of the U.S., known as The Communities of the Puerrtonn Bay.
I live in Potomac Woods of AVSD.
I wish Taduza Cilvani and Valencia Gortovi weren't exclusive to only the AVSD Net.
The roads in The AVSD Net are so tiny in some places, accidents are ver frequent in Centre Village.
by Nikko Krydesnski April 18, 2006
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