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A bank in new zealand that is trying to replace people with with machines and computers and claims to have the best customer service when you dont actualy talk to people, because they tell you to use the atm or fast deposit bags.
teller: hi welcome to ASB bank how can i help you

client : umm id like to make a deposit

teller: have you used a fast deposit before?

client : dose goldstein use them

teller : excuse me ?

client : never mind

teller: well anyway its realy easy just fill this box in and this box in and draw a line from here to here and fill this box in and put your number here.

client: seams like alot of effort, hows this helping me ?

teller : you save 40 cents and i dont have to do anything.

client : gee thanks
by itunes101 September 13, 2010
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