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The malicious burning down of another's economy, or one's own economy, in order to reap financial or political gain. It's economics meant to destroy an economy rather than sustain it. The term was coined by K.T. Weir when he heard TV personality Max Kaiser discussing banker bailouts, "They're arsonists! They're asking for more matches and congress is saying, 'Who do we make the check out to?'” Mr. Weir was inspired to register the domain name, and has been developing related content.
Modern day bankers, calling themselves 'Technocrats' practise the art of ARSONomics to sabotage a countries' economy in order to buy up it's resources and assets for pennies on the dollar. The Greek economy is one of the latest victims, where islands and historic monuments are up for sale -- at deep discounts -- to the very same Technocrats that caused the problems.
by Arsonomist January 13, 2012
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