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A high school student who displays all the self destructive tendencies of a junkie, but instead take as many AP courses as possible.

AP courses are the AP junkies drug of choice; they use them to make up for what they feel they are lacking; typically good looks and friends.

Guy 1- "That chick is taking 7 AP courses"
Guy 2- "She's kind of hot"
Guy 3- "Yea, too bad she's an AP junkie and has no life"
Guy 1- "This school sucks"
Guy 2- "Word"

AP junkies will not rule the world.

Prep school students may be highly involved in other activities, but all in the name of getting into college. They are classic AP junkies.

Kids in the IB program are the same as AP junkies. Let's call them IB junkies.
by sublimemessages March 24, 2009
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