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"E-Thug" refers to a thread in which ft57, a former mod in WDP/APS section on Pbnation, went on a tirade against all of the forum regulars because they got mad at a guy for trolling. During the course of FT57's 3-post-long rambling he accused the WDP/APS regulars of being a mob of "AOG e-thugs" sent to PBnation from AOG by the MT's in order to bully all of the poor innocent people who were merely politely asking questions (apparently, questions like "are angle teh suxorz cuz i herd tey brake alot" are the kind of reasonable, serious discourse that ft57 desired to cultivate in these forums).
Reference thread: / showthread.php?t=220830

1. You all are a bunch of AOG e-thugs

2 Thanks e-thugs you helped me fix my angel!

by Overseeker January 08, 2008
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