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Anushanthan is such a snacc. He walks with a head full of great advice and he is loved by everyoneeee. His art skills have picasso quaking in his grave and has monalisa's wig SNATCHED. Everyone wants to be like anushanthan. If ppl dont want to be him they they r just haters. Also u should go follow his ig @its_me_anu.9 cuz he is sooooo amazing. Anushanthan is just the most attractivest person ever.Even Anushanthan is better than u,das rite u the one reading this he's better than u no tea no shade just facts.
"Anushanthan is iconic"
"Mariah Carey could never"
"A skinny legend"
"A legend we stan"
"Ugh, perfection ur mind!"
"A Harvard drop out"
"Lil tay is SHOOKETH"
by Anushanthan June 14, 2018
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