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The act of vigorously introducing extremely hot slices of pizza into a woman's "taint" area. To properly perform the maneuver requires a pizza (the hotter the better), an administer, and a recipient. The recipient must disrobe below the waist and stand facing away from the administer, leaning forward slightly (bracing against a chair or countertop for impact is advisable). The administer takes a slice of pizza in hand and approaches the recipient with it as a professional bowler would approach the lane to throw, he then with all his might slaps the pizza (topping side first) into the woman's genital and buttocks area (aiming centrally for the "taint"). Bonus points may be awarded for significant distance of sauce stains traveling up the recipient's back
Person A: I feel strange asking this Bob, but why is your wife walking so strange today?

Person B: I ordered two large meat lovers last night and we played a few frames of AMF Sloptrough. She is walking like that because of the molten cheese burns I left on her business end.
by DoozerDave May 25, 2008
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