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The largest movie theater within three towns located in Rockaway, New Jersey. Most teenagers enjoy trying to sneak in to rated-R movies, even though you have a better chance not looking like you're 12 buying a rated-R ticket.

Many employees of the previously mentioned business facility hate their job with a passion of 1,000 suns. The smell of popcorn turns to tears every day you spend there. The only enjoyable moment is when you kick people out.
Teen: "Yo, you wanna go sneak into a movie at AMC Rockaway 16? It's rated-R!"
Other teen: "Dude, who the fuck are you, I'm 17 anyway, I can get in on my own."
Teen: "Oh, in that case, can you buy me drugs?"
Other teen: "Are you fucking serious?"
Teen: "Yeah."
Other teen: "Alright, let's go."
by Jenkum June 11, 2010
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