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AIM Rape is when you see someone sign onto AOL Instant Messenger; and you message them before the little picture of the opening door goes away.
AIM Rape:

"OMG! Jordan just signed on, I have to say hi."

sororitygirlx: Hi
sororitygirlx: How are you
sororitygirlx: Where were you last night?
sororitygirlx: Why aren't you answering me?
sororitygirlx: I don't see it saying that you are typing
sororitygirlx: This is bullshit I'm coming over
thewaablah: sorry I can't reply while I'm still authing into the server.
by Jordan Roth October 08, 2005
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The Act of messaging someone over and over against their will.
xXscottXx: hey girl you wanna chat it up with me?
Girlie5: no
xXscottXx: come on, lol, i haven't seen you since you got off the bus.
Girlie5: shutup, stop talking to me.
xXscottXx: shhh it's all good girl. just let it happen...
Girlie5: o-m-g! AIM Rape! *block*
by Edgar Varela December 13, 2005
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