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A very determined organisation which ambitions to get bored kids off street corners and give them a uniform, gun and crappy accommodation for a very reasonable price.

A cadet can expect to become subject to beastings and 58 pattern webbing as well as a 'fun packed' summer camp which will involve lying in a ditch for hours on end with around 5 blank rounds to be shot when you are told, not when you are taught

Such ambition often results in bored kids becoming bored cadets as activities and jobs run out and cadets are left to 'Mong' or 'Doss'. Furthermore, ACF organisation is, amongst cadets, notoriously poor. Such occurrences have led to the abbreviation ACF to have the second meaning of Another Cluster Fuck.
Aged between 12 and 18. Bored. Unfit. Unintelligent. Positively annoying and indignant, then join the ACF Army Cadet Force. We will show what being bored really is.
by Persistance July 17, 2009
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