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AB stands for adult baby while DL stands for diaper lover.

Adult babies are adults who enjoy regressing to a younger age (usally between the ages of 0 months and 7 years). Most ABs will wear diapers and some will wet or even soil them. They may enjoy wearing adult sized baby clothes, playing with baby toys, watching cartoons, being bottle or breast fed, sleeping in a crib, eating from a high chair, and doing other baby activities. Some are lucky enough to find an adult partner who will take on the role of a caretaker (babysitter, mother, father, sister, brother, etc.). This person might change, feed, play with, dress, or altogether care for the adult baby. The caretaker usually gets great satisfaction out of caring for another person, having the AB be dependent on them, or being in control. The AB most often gets satisfaction from the safe and secure feeling they get from regressing. They may also like the idea of being able to regain that childhood innocence and joy. Generally there is no sexual motivation behind the desire to be an AB, especially for women. This would not make it a fetish.

A diaper lover, as the name implies, enjoys wearing diapers. Some will wet or soil their diapers. Some like to be changed by others. Some just enjoy seeing others in diapers. In my experience, I have found that there is almost always a sexual motivation behind being a DL. This is more closely related to a fetish.

I would like to make it clear that this has nothing to do with actual children or pedophilia. This is a common misconception. AB/DLs simply enjoy regressing to a younger age and/or wearing diapers.
The judge in the King Baby episode of Miami Vice was an AB/DL. He had a hidden nursery and he hired someone to be his caretaker. This was a very controversial episode.
by Kailey S. September 20, 2007
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Stands for adult baby/diaper lover. People both male and female that enjoy playing the role of baby. Diaper lover is a fetish in which a person will wear a diaper and very often urinate or soil their diaper. Adult babies do the same thing but they take it to the next level, in which they enjoy being cared for and changed by a mommy or daddy figure, this role is usually played by a close friend or the babies partner, sometimes the mommy or daddy role will be replaced by a big brother or sister role. Adult babies also enjoy wearing adult sized baby cloths such as footed sleepers and onesies. Some even enjoy bottles, breast feeding, baby toys,
pacifiers, and baby food. This fetish is also known as infantilism and is usually acted out with another fetish. Ab/Dls have nothing to do with pedophilia, we want nothing to do with pedophilia, and we believe it to be very wrong. We are in NO way connected with pedophilia or children in general, other than children that are also AB/DLs. To learn more about this subject visit
Joey was an AB/Dl that loved to soil his adult diaper and have his mommy change him.
by babyjoeydl May 17, 2007
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(Acronym for "Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers"): Sexual fetish in which adult males dress up like babies, including the wearing of adult-sized diapers, and have females mother them as if they were a helpless infant. The male will often soil the diaper and have the female change it to heighten the effect.
Despite his button down demeanor, no one knew that Bill enjoyed AB/DL play with his girlfriend behind closed doors.
by Dee Sanchez September 29, 2005
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