Trademarked acronym for the phrase, "All You Got Everyday" meaning to give everything you have in that moment.
Joe is up to bat as the last batter in the last inning. The game is tied and there is a runner on third. To hit a single will score a run and win the game. The crowd begins to chant, "AUGE, AUGE, AUGE" so that Joe will give his all.

Also used to show that someone has achieved something as in "I aced my calculus test today...AUGE!"

Or to show acceptance as a friend as in "Hi, Joe, long time no see....AUGE!!
by Yep91011 January 17, 2011
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One that is lazy; a slacker.
One considered to be an imbecile by their sheer lack of productivity.
That fucking Augé does nothing all day except annoy others he can still contact via email.
by Princely July 27, 2004
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