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A poète maudit (French: accursed poet) is an expression to describe an artist with a tortured soul or living a life outside society. The term came from the French literature into wider usage since Verlaine's anthology, now used everywhere, Originally it was used just for the writers but then it became a name for artists in general whose lives and art are outside or against their society or Abuse of drugs and alcohol, insanity, or even for creative artists or their work insufficiently appreciated by contemporaries; unsung, undeservedly neglected...
# Basquiat was famous in the art world. Drugs, drink, and sex, then devastated, his genius. He died of a drug overdose, his unhappy story turn to the myth of the poète maudit.

# My neighbor is a real poète maudit, he has been writing music for 20 years but still unappreciated despite his talent, now he gets depressed...

# Kurt Cobain was a soulful, charming, talented, a sublime poète maudit whose every waking moment was a rebellion against the world around him.

# Look this guy on the bridge with his guitar and a bottle of J&B!! Ha Ha!! Looks like a poète maudit!
by A poet modee September 28, 2009
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