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A writer’s religious partiality becomes clear when he chooses the names of the characters for most of his stories, novels etc. from his own religion.
A: I have tried to invent a new term called 'a writer’s religious partiality'. When a Muslim writer sits at the desk to write a story, then he thinks about Muslim names for the characters. Similarly, when a Hindu writer decides to write a story, Hindu names appear before his mind; a Christian writer chooses Christian names for his novels, dramas etc. But, sometimes a Muslim, Hindu and Christian writers also choose the characters' names from other religions. However, it happens 'sometimes'. In most of the cases, a writer's religious partiality becomes clear. I must say that this kind of partiality is normal and accepted by everyone. There's nothing wrong in it because a writer’s religious faith, his upbringing, his own community etc. influence him to choose names from his own religion.
B: Yes, your observation is correct.
by Rajeeb2014 December 30, 2014
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