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Biggest fucking bitch slut of all time. Only thing this whore enjoys is playing guys and sucking massive ass black cock. Has a fucking growing disorder and is always high af. Think this bitch is nice? Think again dumbass, you are getting played.
I fucking hate A Leaking Beaker
by chrisVno3s November 08, 2016
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A dumb bitch. A self conscious, overused slut who they call the double deepthroater. She can play you almost as fast as she can suck off three different black guys at once. People lose as many IQ points as she has tissues stuffed in her bra when she tries talking but her bra doesn't take nearly as much punishment as she does in her free time if you know what I mean. She legally classifies as a dwarf and has the athletic ability of a chicken with an extra chromosome. A true blonde bitch who can give you a fun time if you call her up and you can catch her on the live show every day from 4:30 to 6:00.
Dude - "Yea that chick A Leaking Beaker is letting so many guys eat her out, they better start putting the nutrition facts on her."
by TylerIsMyBae November 09, 2016
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