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A'Kasha is a strong women who loves hard, that is smart, outgoing, beautiful, friendly and loves to laugh. She takes care of business and play later.

Family is everything to her if you mess with them you messing with her.

Doesn't like drama but don't test her, she will go there. But when your on her good side A'Kasha is the sweeties girls on earth!
"A'Kasha is so nice, I'm glad she's apart of my life"
by Beautifulsince90 January 09, 2017
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1. The Sanskrit word meaning space or sky. (circa who knows? forever?)

2. The Force. The Fifth Element. The memory of god. Spirit: the human spirit and soul. All-encompassing spirit and energy of the Goddess and God. A religious(hinduism) idea from the middle east or east middle or somewhere around there. A fluffy new age concept. (circa ...a long long time ago.)

3. The 'Mother of all Vampires' who became a vampire through some stupid spirit entering through a stupid piercing. (circa 4011 BC, but actually, Anne Rice didn't publish her damned queeny book 'til 1988)

4. A girl's name. (circa 1984)

5. Aaliyah, who died shortly there after, sadly. (circa 2001)
1. What a clear akasha we have today.

2. Use The Akasha, Luke.

3. Among the most noted of Akasha's superior vampire traits were her ability to have kinky vampire sex, walk in the sun, and kill everyone.

4. Akasha, you're a convoluted monkey foof.

5. Aaliyah was a sucky-suck choice for the role of Akasha.
by Akasha January 20, 2005
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An Akasha is the most stubborn female to ever walk on this planet. Akasha’s are the rebel of any group but also the funnest. They can be shy at first but once she gets comfortable with someone she is the craziest, weirdest, and funniest chick you’ve ever met. Not the easiest to be tied down in a relationship but if you get one and manage to keep one without pissing her off consider yourself very lucky! Also they love speaking in third person. No clue why
-Why the hell are you so damn stubborn all the time ?!
Umm... because I’m Akasha? Duh.”
- Smh
by BigThangSmallBody May 15, 2018
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One of the two energies in this reality Akasha is to Prana is yin as to yang. Akasha energy is unified theory,one energy,spirit is connected to one source. It's a theory but fits in with quantum physics ,religion,and dates back before the time of Christ.

One can master channeling this energy and there are many things written on it.
Inside every being there is a place in which we can travel Astral projection to higher frequencies ,everybody is capable of it as Akasha links us all to one energy.
by Lucinda Belle 444 November 26, 2015
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A fabulous band formed in MD, they mix all types of music to make a flowing masterpeice that just fucking rox. PROPS 2 AKASHA.
Man, i saw Akasha play last night, they fucking rocked
by Dukes November 11, 2004
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