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Symptoms of A Young Jeffrey
1. Mass amounts of tobacco products; used spitters are like a damn bread crumb trail if you are trying to find this fucker.(why you would, i don't know)

2. Mispronunciations of pretty much every word in the dictionary; this is called the Young Jeffrey effect.

example: coarx which is supposed to be coarse

3. Clingy as fuck, is and I quote, "Feels Lonely", a lot supposedly. Will ask you what you are doing, if you hear, "Hey man, whatcha doin brother?", get the fuck out of there.

4. When he feels like gettin big and tries to raise his voice, all one must do is raise your voice back and tell him to shut the fuck up. He will then begin to apologize about 30 times and try to give you a hug.

5. If you can indicate a butt chin, you have a young jeffrey.

6. Last but certainly not least, a Young Jeffrey will like some wranglers and anything country. Going with the country theme, a Young Jeffrey does not shy away from making out with there cousin or the occasional rough and much more dominant rugby girl.

7. If something is wrong, don't hesitate to have a Young Jeffrey as your first suspect.
If any of these are either said or have a Young Jeffrey.

1. "Man, I really enjoy me some wrangler jeans..."

2. Neighbor: Hey, is everything okay?

You: Yeah, just have to wait 24 hours to go into my house.

Neighbor: What, thats crazy what happened?

You: Well the Fire Dept. sent in there Chemical and Toxic waste people and said that the mass amounts of spitters and spoiled milk made a deadly combination. They said we basically have the plague in our home.

Neighbor: WOW, how did that happen?

You: A Young Jeffrey.

Neighbor: Damn that sucks
More examples to follow
by Dr. J ready to play January 13, 2010
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