This is the type of kid whos becoming more and more of s normal person but is cringey idiot of a human being. Though there are rare outliers most are bad. Still though some of these people are actually good people. And if you wanna judge just by age than ur a loser you get me. Theyre mostly bad but npt all are. They also have a love for inappropriate shit they will change and become a 4th grader by the time theyre summer holiday finishes.
Person A hello im a 3rd grader but im at summer vacation! So when i finish summer i will become in 4th grade.

Person B oh your just some cringey screaming idiot who likes to be inappropriate
Person C dude not all of them are like that some of them are even pretty good
Person D shes a 9 but she will turn 10 next weekend 😏

Meaning of the phrase “a 3rd grader at summer holiday
by Goathreearningreat July 15, 2023
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