A buncha idiotic idiots Naruto Runnin tryna get in Area 51. This day siege could potentially be successful if the Karens give area 51 bad reviews and get it to shut down. Oh yeah, almost forgot about Chuck Norris, Keanu Reaves, and Shaggyjoining in on the raid, so there's a 50/50 chance. OH FUCK! It's the no live nine-year-old, fortnite playing, pewdiepie subscribed, Dragon ball Super Watching retards; with all those 9 year olds going super saiyan 100,000,000,000,000,000,000, its over man. Man, FOOK DIS, im joining in to see dem aliens see ya.
Even though the deaths of The 9/20 Massacre will be immeasurable, that Ali3n booty is worth death.
by GEDDA d1qshanary July 23, 2019
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