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Used in sports to describe a great move that makes someone else look useless.

Come from the card game 'Euchre' where if spades/clubs are selected as the trump the 9 of hearts becomes a worthless card that can't beat any other card. After the deal, when the trump is selected the dealer may give a card from his hand to another player in exchange for the trump card. If you "give them the ol' 9 of hearts" you've given them something that can't possibly win a hand, a useless card.
Tarasenko sure gave him the 'ol 9 of hearts
by CowFuMasta December 26, 2017
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something used to describe a filthy move (most likely backhand to forehand) ala Tyler Ennis. Used most frequently (and to this date only) by TSNs worst colour commentator Darren Pang
Gord Miller: "Take it away Panger"
Darren Pang: "Holy Jumpins!, Gave em the ol 9 of hearts.."
by fraz14 March 13, 2012
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