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Rapper, Juice WRLD's number that he and his team push forward in merchandise and social media. The number is supposed to be the opposite of the Devil's infamous number - 666. It contradicts the numbers bad energy to spread positive energy instead (which was what Juice was all about).

Person 1 - Ay man, rest in peace Juice, 9 9 9.
Person 2 - Yeah, rest up. LLJW.
by IghtImmaFawkWitcha May 06, 2020
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wrong-->"Oh my god, Jessica, your post literally scared me to death" right--> "I literally wrote this post at 3:04 A.M."
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Take dis negative shit 666 and flip dis to positive 999 yk
999 shit
by Jamal_XxX_ December 24, 2019
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999 is a term used by rapper juiceWRLD that means the opposite of 666
We on that 999 shit.
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by Frickinheck May 08, 2019
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Taking whatever situation your in good or bad and turning it into something positive coined by Jarad Higgins aka juice WRLD
Person 1:my girl just left me everything’s falling apart

Person 2:don’t trip on it let’s go find something to take your mind off of it 999 shit man
by perv swerv July 26, 2020
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The common motto of the late legend Juice WRLD, which represents a reversal of the satanist "666". In his own words, its essence is to "reverse the curse", or to literally flip 666 into 999 from curse to conquering.
James: Juice sure uses 999 a lot, it's all over his merch... what does it even mean?? Is it even meaningful or deep?

Alex: It's just about reversing the curse man, besides every legend needs a catchy motto to be remembered for!
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by RealJay January 06, 2021
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state of mind be an angel in heaven
heart body and soul,in daze,in love
999 I can denier, can't lie
by unlock January 02, 2011
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