an emoticon, most often used to highlight the somewhat funny, but more likely weird, odd or "dorky" nature of a comment. it is intended to look like a person in glasses (hence the "dorkiness") sticking out her/his tongue. often used in a self-deprecating manner after what is considered by the author to be a bad joke, or as an acknowledgment of the perceived lameness of the preceding comment.

related to :P, ;P, =P, and XP . see especially Viscerae's Mar 16, 2007 definition of ;P on Urban
of course, if you have been there, then just ignore this advice, and you can tell me to keep my 0s and 1s to myself. 8P
by SisyphusJack February 6, 2008
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The new logo for the feminist movement. It resembles an evil face with a tongue poking out. It is as if this symbol says "stick it to the man" which seems especially relevant given current events.
Sarah Mendivel wears a t-shirt with >8P on the back. This means that she is part of the feminist movement. Let's face it, if men could get pregnant, abortion would be legal everywhere. #equalrights
by Berryx July 11, 2022
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