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The names of the octuplets of a 14-year-old.
"All 7 Things and AAAAAHHHH come here, you all are in trouble" -Mom

"AAAAAHHHH, the WiFi is out" -Mom
"Mom, I can't fix that" -AAAAAHHHH

"Oh AAAAAHHHH sweetheart, I wasn't talking to you, I was screaming because the WiFi went out" -Mom

"Thing 1, come here!" -Mom

"Coming mom" -Thing 1

"No, I said Thing 1 not Thing 2" -Mom
"But Mom I am Thing 1" -Thing 1

"Oh sorry sweetheart you things look a lot alike" -Mom

They all have actual names, but they all started with "J" and it was too hard to remember, so I changed their names to Thing 1-7 and the troublemaker to AAAAAHHHH
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