The concept that all possibilities of physical reality already exists, in all of time and space, and all at once, within the first six dimensions of the Universe. All that is necessary to receive anything desired is simply an intention, the right attitude, the unbending decision to accept whatever happens along the way, and the removal of ALL beliefs the person carries that stands in his or her way. The rest is simply walking the path.
I had been looking for the right job forever. I let go of believing I didn't deserve the job I wanted. And the next day, I got a call from a recruiter -- the right job found me! 6D!
by NeoSciFiScribe January 22, 2011
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He is just a rat but a pretty and nice one.
OMG It's Nuth from 6D THE PRETTY RAT
by PPitsShookiePP November 26, 2019
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He is a pretty and friendly RAT.
OMG it's Nuth from 6D!
by PPitsShookiePP November 26, 2019
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PlayStation 3 root key found by geohot(iPhone hacker)
can be used to sign games to run on the ps3
from Wikipedia(summarized):
Sony removed the ability to install another operating system in the 3.21 firmware update. This event caused backlash among the hacker communities, and eventually the group Fail0verflow found a flaw in the generation of encryption keys which they leveraged to restore the ability to install Linux. George Hotz (Geohot) later created the first homebrew signed using the private "metldr" encryption key which he leaked onto the internet. The action of leaking the key led to Hotz being sued by Sony.

At the 2010 Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, a group calling itself fail0verflow announced it had succeeded in bypassing a number of the PlayStation 3's security measures, allowing unsigned code to run without a dongle. They also announced that it was possible to recover the Elliptic Curve DSA private key used by Sony to sign software. The release of this key would allow anyone to sign their code and therefore be able to run it on any PlayStation 3 console. This would also mean that no countermeasures could be taken by Sony without rendering old software useless, as there would be no distinction between official and homebrew software. On January 3, 2011, geohot published the aforementioned private key, represented in hexadecimal as C5 B2 BF A1 A4 13 DD 16 F2 6D 31 C0 F2 ED 47 20 DC FB 06 70, as well as a Hello world program for the PS3.
I need a example for this so
James: hey what games r u buying on the ps3
matt: I don't need to buy any games as I download and burn them to Blu rays
heres the encryption key C5 B2 BF A1 A4 13 DD 16 F2 6D 31 C0 F2 ED 47 20 DC FB 06 70.
James: thanks ill buy some blank blu rays and start burning
by YourLocalAsian June 14, 2022
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