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Its like the ugly fat twin of 69'ing. Like an old burrito thats been left in the back of the fridge that is now all moldy and distgusting. Its where a man does a handstand and a woman rides him from above. This move is old and no one likes it
Guy1: hey did u here what i did last night?
Guy2: Omg u boned who? Did you do anything crazy?
Guy1: yeah..... we 65'ing
Guy2; Huh thats disgusting ew my grand parents do that.
Guy3; What even is that.
by Hi_Ho_Rattlynbog April 16, 2018
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69 ing for an older couple. A non-sexual mutually beneficial activity between a sexually active couple, primarily after doing an activity the couple used to be able to do.
After going to a trampoline park with my wife she said, "I'll put bengay on your knee of you massage my ankle. It's called 65ing."
by Too-mas April 22, 2018
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