The six warnings of the dark carnival
1st card: The carnival of carnage
2nd card: The ringmaster
3rd card: The riddlebox
4th card: The Great Milenko
5th card(my fav): The amazing jecekl brothers,Jake and Jack
the last card is..:The Wraith
ICP's joker card albums are the names of these cards
by Zax January 15, 2004
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The six joker cards..
They are our warnings for us to repent our sins so we may go to Shangri-la.

Carnival of Carnage
The Ringmaster
The Riddlebox
The Great Milenko
The Amazing Jeckel Brothers,
Jake the just, Jack the sinister.
The Wraith
Shangri-la and Hell's Pit.

They are us, inside us, and are our path that we may find to those golden gates, or those fiery pits of hell
The joker cards also are the mark of the end of time. After all of them are said and done, the end will consume us all, either in shangri-la, or hell's pit
NOw all the joker cards have fallen with spectacular aray, so when the Wraith is calling walk into the light..

After all 6 have risen, the end of time will consume us all..
by Joker Z October 4, 2004
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six albums made by icp wich contain the message of the dark carnival. they are:
-carnival of carnage
-great milinko
-amazing jeckle brothers
-the wraith and hells pit
ounce all 6 have fallen all we have to do is wait for the end to consume us all. the wagons are coming for us and you , so i hope your down if your reading this!
" on the daY the wagons come, i just pray that you let me on"
now that the 6 joker cards have fallen, the end will consume us all.
by kalah October 17, 2005
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