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1.Half Frozen

2.When precipitation is only half frozen, kinda like half melted hail or snow falling from the sky.

3.A super pro smash bro's technique, commonly associated with the Ice Climbers, involving freezing one opponent , pwning another and then proceeding to pwn the previously frozen player.

4.An expression used when someone tries to act real cool using l33t sp33k and is viciously shot down. After your embarrassed buddy tries to keep his dignity intact by not stopping but using more English. Half l33t half english, straight emberassing
1."Aww crap my ice cream cake melted its like 5l33t"

2.Jim: "0h sw33t is it sn0w!?!"

Trevious: "keep your pants on it's just 5l33t"

3.James:"Dude we had him but then he freezes me pwns jim and then pwns me and Jon! That guy is a 5l33ting legend..."
Jan:"wow dude that's crazy"

4.James: "y3ah r0fl. m33t m3 th3r3 h0m054p1n5"
Dude: "really cool l33t artard"
James: "well you guy5 d0 it really"
Trevious: "well now its just 5l33t"
by Trevious February 22, 2010
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