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The original 50 Cent (not the rapper) was from fort green in america he was known in every borough as the most vicious stick up kid around during the late 80's he wasn't really known for his "hustling" or anything like that; he was simply that dude who, when you saw him, you knew someone was about to come off their shit, be it cash, jewels or drugs. He died a violent death as a young man, but in his short reign, he definatly made his mark.

these words are not my own they are from 50x50 50 cent's autobiography now i've seen a lot of people saying that 50 Cent isn't a real gangsta and that he's just a wanksta but the fact is he was a gangsta and once you are a gangsta you stay gangsta forever, he was hustlin when he was 12 years old. people say oh he's only famous for being shot 9 times well thats bullshit he's famous because a lot of people like his music i personally like his music and i don't hear a new 50 track on the radio then go omg he's been shot 9 times im gonna go and buy his CD i can understand if you don't like his music but i dont understand is you saying that he's only famous for being shot. As far as im concerned 50 Cent is an original gangsta and im not linkin that because there isn't a proper definition of it up yet :)
50 Cent (who the original 50 cent was and why the rapper chose that name)

50 Cent: I've been shot 9 times

Idiot: Your music is crap but i'll buy your album because you got shot 9 times.
by The Dre english to the core :) December 09, 2009
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