When a girl gently plays with a mans balls, even sucking on them, then at the spur of the moment, when a guy is errected, she pulls his dick, as if she wanted to rip it off and chew on it ferrociously. When saying 50, one must make their voice very deep and masculine compared to the rest of the sentence.
Guess what pat and mauyvaline did this weekend? 50.
When Mary and Pat where getting busy, she 50'd him, and that is why it is hard for him to walk today.
by 25+25= 50 May 25, 2007
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Pigs drive 5.0 liter crown victorias thats where the word 50 came from
by From the 203 September 02, 2003
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Word that describes a 50cc minibike for adult or kids also called a Fast50 or Fast50s bike
hey I was going to get a honda fifty to play ride aorund my house, but I went to the local dealership and got a Fast50s bike because it's adult tested and kid approved!!
by jb April 14, 2005
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john: yo dude lets get high
ralph: yeah lets smoke a 50
by what it dew December 21, 2006
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When you are fucking a girl, preferably from behind, and then you yell "oh shit, the cops" and then your friends come in and beat the shit out of her as you finish with your hands.
Person 1: I gave my bitch the 5-0 yesterday
Person 2: Oh shit, why wasn't I there
Person 1: I already had like 20 guys sorry bro
Person 2: It's fine brah
by Paenus the Roman Warrior February 20, 2014
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Originally a slang term for cops that drove 5.0 liter 302 cubic inch V8 Foxbody Mustangs from the 80's-00's even though the Foxbody Mustangs ended production in 1993. Now it's just a slang term for cop.
Oh crap, the 5-0 is chasing us in a Mustang.
by ATX-CVPI July 17, 2019
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The process of describing someone's prediction of an event, after said prediction turns out to be completely the opposite of what they said would happen.
Lew I thought you said Southampton would beat Leicester but they lost 9-0, "yeah I completely 50'd it"
by MrMaberly November 08, 2019
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