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Some people say if you have a "5 finger forehead" you are ugly.
This statement is entirely false in fact look up these BEAUTIFUL people who have large foreheads:
Kate Bosworth, Christina Ricci, Tyra Banks, Rihanna
See they are gorgeous!

Haters are just jealous of the fact they didn't get into the cool forehead club.
No matter what anyone says to you about your body just know you truly are gorgeous, let the world know how pretty you are!
Becca: Hey look at me and my gorgeous 5 finger forehead!
Hater: Your ugly
Becca: Im gorgeous your just jealous because you got hit with the stupid stick.
by SydiWadd October 29, 2014
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A forehead that is 5 fingers or more wide. Commonly associated with ugly chicks and losers.

Common trait is a 5 finger wide vagina - USED & LEFT FOR SHIT!

seeks constant approval from everyone for childish and slutty behavior.
Alan: that bitchs forehead is huge!
Chris: thats yana she's fucking messed up, call her 5 finger forehead.
Alan: her boobs are big too
Chris: she wears a pushup - and acts like no one knows
Alan: She has dick breath
Chris: yeah, and she's got an std, bet her coochie is stank as hell.
Alan: young.
by averyEface March 24, 2010
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