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a sub-genre of garage music that consists of dirty sounding bass sounds with emphesis on the low frequency and bouncy 4x4 beats with reversed kick drums and rolling hi hats. this genre of music is often seen as chavy by the stubborn strain of metal heads and they insist that anyone who listens to 4x4 or bassline are chavs. some people like variation in their music and like to party, ya know what i mean? prsonally i love metal and rock but not as muuch as i love a dirty bassline banger. most moshers are massive legends though!
some artists:
k-orse & Basshound
the squire of gothos
Phatworld (quite Alot from off me nut records)

'oi fred. did u go off me nut last neet? they dropped bombhead riddim by squire and everyone went mental!' ohh yeah...
4x4 bassline :)
by gala bingo March 31, 2014
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