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4th conditional appears in your mind once you have pulled an all-nighter studying for the midterm the next day. Once you have went through already existing conditionals, you became hyperactive and invented 4th conditional with your friend.

The form of it is as follows:

If + überpast perfect + would + had + past participle

Überpast perfect is used to describe the action done before the action that happened before some other action. The form of überpast perfect is as follows:

hadden (überpast participle of "to have") + past participle

Once you have realised you have invented the 4th conditional, it means that you have gone bonkers. It also means that you overdid it with studying.
Mathea: "If I had learned for that test, I would have been able to pass it."
Marco: "If I hadden been busy with 4chan, I would had learnt for that test."
Mathea: "What is that, a 4th conditional?!"
Marco: "I guess."
Mathea: "We overdid it, man."
by Cyratos April 16, 2010
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