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(pronounced like "four-score") whore.

Someone that checks in at every "business" they go past just to collect the points, whether they stop in and do business or not. Often the mayor of their mom's basement, or as it is listed in 4sq... "a very discriminating night club of the highest caliber."

Also created entries for their church, doctor's office, oil change place and a few dozen other non-social locations. All of which they check in at regularly, tweeting every single one. Typically ending the week with hundreds of points, if not thousands. This is their excuse for a social life.
guy 1: Man, did you see the four square twittarrhea form CP this weekend? I dunno how he did all that partying and still made it to church Sunday!

guy 2: He was just 4sqore'ing, you can't even get from Aquarius to Carlos O'Kelly's that fast.

guy 1: what a pathetic loser.

guy 2's phone chirps with new tweet: CP just checked in at 3rd stall from the end, 2nd floor men's room.
by cabbey March 12, 2010
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