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Somebody that I used to know!
A person I miss!
A person that was a happy thought for many years.
A letter waited for! A boy loved by a girl.
A first love!
A Crush!
A Human Being!
Somebody she should have never stopped writting to!
A person that was thousands of miles away from me 24/7.
But, somebody I hope, is loved. Shows the best of love to those around him. But, hopes that if he ever actualy lowjacked my equipment, recieves a good throttle to his hind quarters bent over bambo sticks in Japan!
A person Mr. Astley says: "Never Gonna Givesssss You Up!"
Probablely the best friend in the universe when the woman gets right in the head to realise it!

Or could have turned into a comlete jerk obsessed with his own memberships like the rest that she's used to.

Either way, she's just sending him some love! If he ever even see's this crazy rubbish some day.
Be cool man!
What does it say under the definition 4shley1992?

Bad things happen! For some people, really bad things happen to them. That's nobody's fault but, their attacker!

You didn't know because I didn't think to write you after it happened. My life went to shit mentaly and thats nobodys fault. But, I was hoping one day to let you know that for almost 20 years, my happy thought before having my children in later years, to get me threw it all, was how it felt the day I met you!

Thats all I had left to tell him.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is get out 5 words of honesty and there seems to never be a right time these days anymore so,...

20 years later: I Always Loved You Ashley!

Compared Every person I've dated to the way I felt about you and thats right. I've dated some nice guys but, most of them were jerks that just cheated. I don't even know your last name because letters sent were misplaced in a moving situation. Somebody I concidered a friend at one point asked me about a website once. I ignored that johnlike bullheaded creature because he's one of those, 'thinks his you know what doesn't stink on any day, which is complete rubbish and he's a bonified sociopathic liar!
Well, I'm politely trying to explain to him that I love somebody. And there's no hope for any man because I knew 20 years ago and known for hidin my constant love for 4sh1ey1992.
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