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A party house located in Albany, NY on Hudson ave. in between Quail and South Lake. The house is approximately 2000 sq feet with three floors and a basement. Currently there are eight people living in the house. Parties typically take place during the weekend and have 4-5 kegs of Keystone Light and Jungle Juice comprised of water, beer, kool-aid, and about 3-4 liters of Crystal Palace vodka. Parties typically begin in the basement then expand to the upper floors as the amount of people increases. One or two house members are responsible for selling cups which are priced at $5. There is no cover at 409 Hudson ave. but those who do not pay for a cup are usually asked to drink there own alcohol. The house has been praised for having an extremely balanced Girl:Guy ratio although the balance has shifted in either direction in past parties. The typical drinking game setup is one to two pong tables in the basement and flip cup tables upstairs and outside (depending on the weather). 409 Hudson's most noted parties have been: "409 Halloween Party", "Andrew and Zac's 20th Birthday", "Kegs and Eggs Pregame at 409", and "409 Stoplight Party".
UAlbany Student #1: Yo I went to this party at 409 last night and got total obliterated. This kid threw up and fell down a flight of stairs
UAlbany Student #2: Yeah they call him Pyatt, that's nothing though I heard later he went out to get pizza and got tazzed by a cop!
UAlbany Student #1: Only at 409 Hudson..
by Ascat December 03, 2009
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