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One of the most sought after organisations in the Clogher Valley District of South Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is renowned for its secrecy and un-swerving dedication to all events regarding alcohol and/or Class A drugs. This prestigious alliance, consists of those over the age of 18, however an exception is made solely for the Club President who has conducted the federation since the age of 17. Members are required to be intoxicated in either their place of education or employment a minimum of twice a week. It is vital that all pigeon holes and lockers do not contain the first C of the Clubs title at all times (this cannot be disclosed due to protectitive measures for Club members.) In the unlikely event of the Clubs practices being revealed, members are required deny all charges upon signing papers during the induction process. Members are sworn to secrecy and are asked to refuse drugs/alcohol tests at all times. Failure to adhere to Club rules will result in disciplinary measures and/or immediate termination of membership. The 3C Club had previous links to Paramilitary groups of Northern Ireland but in recent years this has changed, and they are now sponsored by the Irish GAA Association.
''Dude, check out those girls''

''I bet they're in the 3C Club''
by @sianon_ @jammp0t April 15, 2014
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