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362 Hoovas, aka, da CUZZ HGCVAS, is one of tha hardest Hoover Criminal gangs in all of Dallas... All of DFW... All of Nawf Texas... The whole South! 362 Niggas steady be roccin' dat green & blue. 362 also down for that OCT, aka Oak Cliff, Texas. If you don't know Oak Cliff, its basically the Compton of Dallas. 362 ain't got beef wit no other Crip gang like them Angeles niggas be doin with crips fightin against each other. 362s only got beef wit Slobks.
Roccin' dat old-school Mavericcs cap, tight braids on my scalp, ridin' down S Coccrell Hill, ready to make these guns clap, so I'm ridin' with the blue out, ready to bust a slob fool, green rag on my face cuz I rep dat 3-6-2

362 Hoova Poem
by 362 to tha Fullo February 15, 2010
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A Hoover Crip gang in Dallas, TX, mostly in tha Oak Cliff area (Southwest) they wear blue & green like the old Duurty-Town Mavericks colors. 362 means "CUZZ", reference to tha word Crips use to say "friend" or "bro". The 3=C, the 3rd letter in the alphabet, I don't know how 6 equals U, but the 2=ZZ, 2, the first number of 26. 26=Z, also 2 could mean 2 Z's and the 2 is shaped like a Z... Ya gotta be a 362 to undastand. They hold up somethin that looks like the Blood sign but all the fingas that stick up are separated and they throw up a upside-down C. Its believed to been started at T.W Browne Middle school, the worst middle school in disd
362 Hoova Representa, cuzz. Slob killa, P.I.R.U (Pussy In Red Uniform) killa, I dare a slob to charge me up, I'ma lay dat muthafucca out, ya heard me, cuzz? Keep it on C-Side!
by 362er February 04, 2010
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